As you design your ideal backyard, you’re likely considering a lot of different ways to decorate. For a bunch of Baytown homeowners, a covered outdoor living area gives you both practically and comfort for a comfortable hangout spot. What can a covered outdoor living space do for your backyard?


A patio covers or pergola adds a cool and unique spot to your backyard and can complete an already accessorized outdoor living space. If you’re undecided your backyard needs one, think about what you might be getting by adding a covered area:

  • Protection from the weather
  • Affordable home improvement project
  • A comfy dining area or kitchen
  • A more appealing pool
  • Endless potential for entertainment
  • An extension of your home or patio
living area

1. Protection from the weather

Baytown people are painfully aware of the constant heat and heavy rain that the summer brings. Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying your backyard! A patio covers or similar structure enables you to install an outdoor living room to relax and enjoy weather without enduring the sun or rain.

2. Affordable home improvement project

In contrast to other home improvements, installing a deck or patio is somewhat an affordable project. This can be very valuable if you are working within a budget. It’s important to remember that every outdoor living space is different, so the level of investment varies. Be sure to communicate openly with the professionals in order to have a full understanding of costs. 

3. A comfy dining area or kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen or dining room under a cover does more than let you use both during bad weather. It also keeps both areas well protected from falling leaves and twigs, protecting your food. Your family and friends will surely enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with the comfort of shade and protection.

4. A more appealing pool

If your backyard has a swimming pool, a cover will help keep leaves out of your pool. But why stop with a patio cover over your pool? Take the covering a step further with a pool house to partially or entirely surround your pool, all but assuring no debris can get in and providing you with a comfort and climate-controlled swimming area.

5. Endless potential for entertainment

Whether you enjoy hosting family barbecues, neighborhood parties, or friendly get-togethers for the big game, an outdoor living space provides the perfect venue. In many cases, tables, grilling stations, and televisions sets can be incorporated into the design of your space. Add some rain-or-shine furniture, and your outdoor space is ready to entertain.

6. An extension of your home or patio

Your patio covers or outdoor living space should match the rest of your house. Professionals will make sure that the colors and structures will match or complement your home and other backyard decors for a truly absolute and flawless transition. Once construction is complete, your new covered outdoor area will feel like an extension of your house that just happens to be outside.


A covered outdoor living area can make your backyard feel complete, pleasing, and add additional appeal. Whether you’re improving a dining area or just want a small patio cover for your hangout spot, the possibilities are endless.